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Software conservatism

Politically, I am in no way a conservative, in fact, I can’t help but shake my heads at many conservatives I see on TV these days. However when it comes to the computer software I use, I am somewhat conservative. The reason is that I love it when my computer works, literally. Certain people I know, love to run the latest versions of everything, and occasionally have to fix their machines because something broke. I don’t like that, I like to just be able to go over to my computer, sit down and just use it. This is why I don’t use Windows, or any Microsoft software at all. If we look aside the fact, that Microsoft doesn’t give you any freedom in relation to your computing, all their stuff is just broken out of the box. I can’t think of one piece of Microsoft software, that doesn’t simply suck, and is broken out of the box.

One thing I plan to do for the foreseeable future is to use KDE 3.5.x, until KDE 4.x is a full replacement for what I do. And that could take a while to come, which is why I appreciate the KDE has got 3.5.10 coming out next month.

In China, doing the right thing seems to bite you in the ass …

“A Chinese teacher has been detained for posting images on the internet of schools that collapsed in the Sichuan earthquake, a rights group has said.”


The Chinese dictatorship is up to it’s old tricks again. During the earthquake in May, a bunch of schools collapsed (And I bitch Danish school buildings were getting bad! 😛 ) resulting in the deaths of many children. A teacher gets upset that the government have not maintained these buildings, publishes pictures of it, and is sent to a labour camp for “re-education”, take a wild guess at what that means …

Why the hell was this asshole government allowed to host the Olympic Games in the first place!! Makes absolutely no sense.

Time to plan for vacation in 2009?

Since KDE and GNOME have agreed to hold their annual developer conferences, Akademy and GUADEC, for 2009 on Gran Canaria from July 3rd until July 11th, maybe it’s time I started saving up for a vacation trip down there for next year! Going there for Akademy would be seriously kick-ass as a vacation! 😀

I’ve been to Gran Canaria several times in the past, nice place, going there alone would certainly be an interesting experience, especially with two really cool free software conferences going on! 🙂

Response to Karmus’ comment on my “FARC… A big farce!” post

The comment made to my post FARC… A big farce!, can be seen in full here:

” … Indeed they have killed a lot of civilians by accident in their actions against the paramilitary and governmental repression they have been met with, …”

Do you really see people dying in captivity as an “accident” ?

“Let me say this straight: the whole regime of Colombia is corrupt and based upon cocaine production from both sides – even FARC! The national economy and one’s social rights in the country are a disaster, and due to what I have heard, the constantly liberal and conservative governments since the beginning of elections have been preventing socialistic parties from taking active part of the national parliament (= unfree elections for socialist parties!). Furthermore the paramilitary groups in direct coorporation with the government are responsible for murders of central persons of the trade-union and directly terrorizing the movement and its struggle for better social policies and worker’s rights (read more about such kind of murders on”

I completely agree, and during the documentary I saw, that was mentioned over and over again. This is definitely not democracy. In fact, I generally don’t like bipartisan systems of government, where you only have two major parties that can govern, such as in the United States, the United Kingdom etc. etc. I won’t say they undemocratic, but they’re worlds from what I would call “a true democracy”.

“What a lie! Legal attempts have been tried – a party called Unión Patriótica ( once contested a few decades ago, but 5000 of their members were killed during that time, and so FARC gave up peaceful behavior and reentered the armed conflict. Sounds like a very wimpish way of leading a democracy by killing members of the opposition, if you ask me!”

If you consider murder and kidnapping of innocent people and holding them for ransom, drug trafficking and other crap to be legitimate “armed conflict”, then so be it, but it’s simply terrorism if you ask me. And yes, I wholeheartedly agree, killing members of the opposition is not only a tremendous human rights violation, it’s dictatorish behavior. It’s something Russia and China does all the time, and definitely represents corruption and pisses on the concept of democracy.

“The analysis you posted above is too simple and primitive within its conclusion, sorry to say it, and it offends me a lot, since you clearly don’t have knowledge of the historical background from the current situation in Colombia.”

While I agree with you that the government in Colombia is corrupt and borders being undemocratic, I don’t think FARC is any better at all. They remind me of the Tamil Tigers, who claim to have a just cause for fighting (and killing thousands of innocent people along the way) for an independent Tamil state in Sri Lanka, yet they have done nothing but kill innocent people and keep the country at civil war for decades. And no, I am not ignoring atrocities comitted by the Sri Lankan government, search around on my blog, and you’ll see me lambast them as terrorists, and somebody replying essentially saying I was being a Sinhalese shill, being “ignorant” and being a “smart parot” etc. etc.

First of all, if you get offended by my statements, you shouldn’t be reading my blog, because I honestly couldn’t care less about whom I might offend, be it Iranian fascists, Chinese dictators, Japanese nationalists, American imperialists (George W. Bush), Jewish/Christian/Muslim/Hindu fundamentalists, or just your average Joe reading a random blog on the Internet. You know what, your attitude towards the United States that I responded to earlier offends me as well. In my original blog post I simply say “Happy Independence Day!” to the American people, among whom I have a few friends that I talk to regularly, and yet you accuse me of praising the US government (Which so far is the Bush administration). I cannot stand George W. Bush, this guy, along with his administration, should be put on trial for war crimes. If you want to demonize an entire nation for something their government does, go ahead, I just don’t see it as being any different from demonizing all Germans for the things Hitler and his regime did, or demonizing all Japanese for what Imperial Japan did during World War 2, or their current government’s refusal to apologize for it, and compensate victims (Look up “comfort women” on Wikipedia if you want to know more).

“If you want to read some more objective, left-wing oriented articles (Danish) about the case (you say that you identify yourself as a socialist),”

1. Any of various political philosophies that support social and economic equality, collective decision-making and public control of productive capital and natural resources, as advocated by socialists.

2. The socialist political philosophies as a group, including Marxism, libertarian socialism, democratic socialism, and social democracy.

3. (Leninism) The intermediate phase of social development between capitalism and full communism. This is a strategy whereby the State has control of all key resource-producing industries and manages most aspects of the market, in contrast to laissez faire capitalism.

4. (Classical Marxism) The international communist society where classes and the state no longer exist.


As I state on the “My Political Position” page of my blog, I’m a social democrat, which qualifies as socialism if we’re talking about true social democracy (The ideology), according to Wiktionary, and not this neo-liberal bullshit many people who call themselves social democrats, are doing these days. The Labour Party of the United Kingdom is probably one of the best examples of this crap.

“(when the USA invaded the Ecuadorian territory recently to assassinate the leader of FARC, Paul Reyes, which forced Ecuador and Venezuela to rearm and put their military forces at the borders to Colombia protesting against the insulting behavior – if you ignored this TERRORIST ATTACK on the Ecuadorian side of the borders by the COLOMBIAN GOVERNMENT itself and the UNITED STATES, you showed yourself as truly ignorant by writing this blog post! Sorry for the hard words, but FARC is more than just ‘pointless terrorism’. It’s the only serious socialist alternative to the current form of government. Of course I lament their use of i.e. child soldiers, but sometimes it can be the only way of succeeding in a greater struggle.)”

If FARC is more than “pointless terrorism”, then why are they deliberately killing and kidnapping innocent people? They’re no flipping different from the Tamil Tigers in Sri Lanka. Both claim to have righteous intentions, yet they murder innocent people.
I didn’t follow that whole debacle with Ecuador and Venezuela that you mention, and I refuse to be called “truly ignorant” for not following everything you do as much as you do. You’re the ignorant one if you ignore killing of the innocent on ANY SIDE of ANY CONFLICT. Because you seem to be glorifying FARC for their fight against the Colombian government, and only lightly skip over their killing of civilians and use of child soldiers, yet you beat a dead horse about corruption and misdeeds by the Colombian government (Which, just so we’re clear, I agree with you completely on) and how evil the United States is. Sure, I admit that I didn’t mention the Colombian government’s killing of opposition members or corruption, but my post was not about that, it was about why I see FARC as hypocrites when they refer to them as “People’s Army” or socialists. If I blogged about Japan’s outrageous atrocities during World War II, and their current government’s continual refusal to apologize for it, I’m sure somebody would reply and say how “truly ignorant” I was and how China and Korea exaggerate the things Japan did and blah blah blah. And oh by the way, I view China the same way as I view FARC. Let’s take the name of China’s military as an example. It’s official name is “People’s Liberation Army”, well, don’t you think it ought to be called People’s Oppression Army after the outrageous oppression of pro-democracy movements and human rights advocates, especially in Tibet?

One last thing about FARC, because we clearly have different opinions of them, WHY THE FUCK do they kidnap a politician (Íngrid Betancourt) who was actively trying to fight corruption!!! That’s just retarded! I could understand (But DEFINITELY NOT agree) if they kidnapped the leader of the liberal party, but kidnapping a person who essentially agrees with them on something, is simply stupid, let alone be unjust! That’s like an African-American kidnapping Martin Luther King!!!

Reponse to Karmus’ comment on my “Happy Independence Day!” post

A friend of mine, Karmus, made a comment to my earlier, short, posting Happy Independence Day!, that I wanted to reply to.

His full comment goes:

“I congratulate the fact that the Americans actually managed to separate themselves from the UK back in the days, because they wanted to be FREE, but you forget that the U.S. is a country built upon the ethnic cleansing of Native Americans (the Indian people). Therefore I see no reason to praise this terror regime murdering millions of civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan. Furthermore it’s economic and imperialistic world policies are draining the global climate of the world. USA is a catastrophic (in Danish: ’sminket lig’) superpower, having the world’s second highest social inequalities between the rich and poor.”

As several points are made, I’m gonna do one at a time.

“I congratulate the fact that the Americans actually managed to separate themselves from the UK back in the days, because they wanted to be FREE, but you forget that the U.S. is a country built upon the ethnic cleansing of Native Americans (the Indian people). Therefore I see no reason to praise this terror regime murdering millions of civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan.”

No, I actually have not forgotten that. I know that darn well. However, what do you want me to do? Bring them back to life, beside the fact that nobody in the world have the ability to do so? Also, if you reread my posting, you’ll notice that it’s actually not a praise of the US government, it’s me saying “Happy Independence Day!” to the Americans who might be reading this blog. If I said “Merry Christmas!” to a former classmate of mine, who’s a very religious Christian (Borderline fundamentalist), would I then be praising the murder of 90% of the Indian population in Mexico by the Spanish settlers? If I said “Happy Eid” to a friend of mine who’s a Muslim, would I be praising Iran’s regime? And lastly, this is my favorite actually, if I sent a greeting to some of my family members in Japan, on the occasion of National Foundation Day, which is “a national holiday in Japan celebrated annually on February 11. On this day, Japanese celebrate the founding of the nation and the imperial line by its mythical first emperor, Jimmu, who established his capital in Yamato” would I be praising Imperial Japan (1968 – 1945) and “forgetting” the atrocities it committed during World War II against more than 30 million people in Asia?

“Furthermore it’s economic and imperialistic world policies are draining the global climate of the world. USA is a catastrophic (in Danish: ’sminket lig’) superpower, having the world’s second highest social inequalities between the rich and poor.”

While I agree with some of what you’re saying, I refuse to demonize average people of a country for something their government is doing. What about all the people in Nazi Germany, who weren’t nazis? Are they just as evil as the people who poured Zyklon.B gas into the gas chambers of Auchswitz? You decide for yourself!

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