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WordPress 2.5 released … Upgrade complete!

WordPress 2.5 was released this morning (My time), and I immediately upgraded my blog to this new version. Among many things is a slick new look for the admin interface, much cleaner sky-blue look. Really really nice. It’s also much better organized than it used to be. It’s just hard to say how awesome this is, if you use WordPress yourself, what are you waiting for, go fetch version 2.5 over at ASAP!

I gotta give the WordPress developers’ props for having one of the most pain-free upgrade procedures I’ve ever seen, it’s amazing, it’s just four simple steps! No more, no less!

In case any WordPress developer is reading this, a feature I’d like to see in the future, is an upgrade of the license to some flavor of the GNU General Public License version 3 (GPL/LGPL/AGPL).

Brilliant job guys, please keep it up! 😀

Oh man did it feel good to finally have something positive (Very positive at that!) to write, compared to the last few days!

Classic Comedy!

I always love when a big pissing match, over something related to religion comes up, because the reactions from governments, and the small, vocal amount of people who protest or do stupid things, just make such great comedy! Not that they’re directly funny, but they’re just so ridiculously stupid that it’s funny! The source for all the following statements by people from various governments, is this article, UN chief condemns anti-Islam film, on BBC News.

Get this for instance:

“Pakistan said it told the Dutch ambassador that it was incumbent on the Netherlands to prosecute Mr Wilders for defamation and deliberately hurting Muslim sentiments, the official Associated Press of Pakistan news agency reported.”

Ah, great one to start out with! If they had said that to me (And they essentially did two years ago with the pissing match over the drawings of the prophet Muhammed), my reactions would be something along the lines of: Ummmm, OK? Dude, have you heard about this small concept, which be very alien to you, called freedom of expression? It’s a small concept that we in the west advocate. Anyway, anything else? OK good, then stick it in your asses!

Here’s another one that is less stupid-funny, but just simply stupid:

“The world’s most populous Muslim nation, Indonesia, also condemned the film, saying it was “misleading and full of racism”.”

OK guys, in case you folks in Indonesia skipped out on school, “racism” means:

1 : a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race
2 : racial prejudice or discrimination

Source: Britannica Online Encyclopedia – Definition of racism.

I have watched Geert Wilders film (If you want to see it, here’s you go: Fitna the Movie: Geert Wilders’ film about the Quran (English) ), and going by the above definition, I can find absolutely no traces of racism in it. So to the folks in Indonesia who see “racism” in it, get a dictionary, go to school and get a life!

Here’s one that I think is self-defeating:

“The foreign ministry in Bangladesh issued a statement calling the film “unwarranted” and “mindless”.”

Dudes, if you think something is mindless, please just keep quiet and ignore it, the fact that you bother saying that you think the film is mindless, is mindless!.

And to wrap up, here’s the usual, inevitable and retarded statement from Iran (They must have a book full of these by now …):

“Iran said it was blasphemous, anti-Islamic and heinous – a sign it said of deep hatred felt by Westerners towards Muslims.”

HA! What a surprise, Iran calling something critic of their religion, … blasphemous! … of all the words in the world! Can’t you losers be more creative! Come on!
You know, I think a staunch, zealot lesbian (I have nothing against homosexuality, yeah, I said it, damn it!) would see my dick as blasphemous against her beloved womanhood!

Oh, and Mr. Ahmadinejad … regarding Westerners hating Muslims, please cut the fucking shit! We don’t hate Muslims (In fact a person I consider a true friend is a Muslim, so there!), we just don’t like fundamentalist, facist extremists like you sir.

“Religion is poison” – Mao Zedong

Dutch politician Geert Wilders, released his Islam-critic short-film Fitna, on the Internet earlier today. I finished watching it about an hour ago, and I just watched a TV debate about the film. One of the people on there, essentially called it a very very mediocre clip show. I won’t go so far as to call it very very mediocre, but it’s definitely a clipshow and not that great a clipshow.

OK, so I’ve seen the film, watched some debates, and thought a little bit about it. So what do I think? Well, it’s very easy to state a clear opinion with very few words, and I think I have found something which former dictator of People’s Republic of China, Chairman Mao Zedong have said, that I can agree with: “Religion is poison”.
People will probably accuse Geert Wilders for inciting hate or racism (You’re an idiot if you see racism in what he says!), however I don’t quite agree. Based on interviews with him that i have watched, I’d say he simply demonstrates how dangerous the Islamic ideology is, when it’s interpreted literally, which a fairly vocal minority seems to do. An argument against the film, which I heard on TV, was that the verse of the Quran being show are taken out of context. But you know, THAT is irrelevant, the fact that hateful words are in there, makes it dangerous, I have read other sources for awful verses in the Quran, so Geert Wilders is not making this up. I don’t really care whether Geert Wilders is taking things out of context, because saying that you should kill an enemy, is definitely violent words no matter how you shape it. So I agree with Wilders that the Quran is a dangerous book, because it does have violent messages that can interpreted, and ARE being interpreted as to “I should do something violent, against XYTZ person, if they do ABC, because the Quran tells me to!”. When you interpret the Quran like that, well you almost certainly become a an extremist terrorist.

So do I think the Quran is a dangerous book? Yes! Should it be banned? No. I don’t support limiting freedom of speech and expression in ether way, unless specific death threats are directly being made.

Now, I don’t want this to sound like I am speaking against Islam, but I am not really (You can apply everything I have said here to the bible of Judaism and Christianity as well), what I’m speaking against is violence in religions.

I am a fairly staunch atheist, and I believe the bible is very bad as well. One of my classmates, who once stated that he himself would probably be classified as Christian fundamentalist (Which I could only shake my head about), argued that that was just the Old Testament. But that’s really bullshit argument, because if the Old Testament is irrelevant, the why the fuck is it included in that darn book!?!?! People would say that Genesis, as described in the Old Testament needs to be taken literally (Even though the bible itself contains two different versions of it), but then turn around and say that other parts of the Old Testament are irrelevant, are being extremely hypocritical in my opinion.

Yeah, like Chairman Mao Zedong said: “Religion is poison”.

People’s “Repression” Army!

While surfing around on Wikipedia a few days ago, it occurred to me that the Chinese army’s name, People’s Liberation Army, is not very appropriate in that it’s a very misleading name. A more correct name, to me, would be People’s Repression Army. Especially with the events that has been happening in Tibet recently, this has been never so true, in my humble opinion, that is!

Fedora coming clean on issue of the proprietary media codecs

One of the features of Fedora 8, was the introduction of CodecBuddy/Codeina, as a way to tell users new to GNU/Linux, who tries to play a multimedia file in an encumbered format, where he or she can get codec support for those, as Fedora cannot include them for legal reasons (Hint: The completely stupid, and utterly broken patent system of the United States of America). The problem is though, that the codecs that is being recommended to the user are proprietary software from Fluendo. As a staunch free software guy, that left a fairly bad taste in my mouth after Fedora 8 was released, as it’s widely known that Fedora’s commitment to free software is extremely high, and this new feature seemed to contradict that commitment. Reading Fedora Planet last night, I was happy to notice that this problem has been discussed, and they plan to do something about it. The solution being the removal of the recommendations of proprietary codecs for MPEG-4, Windows Media etc. etc.
Some guy thought that was Fedora making life difficult for the user, while Seth Vidal said the following on his blog:

We think codeina is very useful. As long as it is distributing only open source software then it is fine. It has not been doing that and we are all worried and concerned about it. We discussed it and decided an easy solution was to patch out the closed-source items that are advertised/offered in the xml file that ships with codeina.

I cannot think of a tenet more central to fedora than ONLY AND ALWAYS FREE SOFTWARE. I think the decision of the board is consistent with that tenet.

Which I could not agree more with!

Ubuntu being the superstar in the open source world these days, does, in my opinion, next to nothing to stand up for free software, and the ideals of it. It’s nice to know that somebody does. It’s a tough job, but somebody’s gotta do it! Go Fedora!!

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