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Danske Bank – For those of us who likes being told what to do with our computers!

On Monday at roughly 11:10 AM, I came home from a weekend trip to London, England. I went to visit a friend of mine, whom I had, up until Friday last week, only spoken to over the Internet, never met in real life. Well, that’s no longer the case, and the trip was by far one of the best vacations (The first one in close to 8 years) I’ve ever had.

While in England, I used my VISA card quite a lot, so when I came home I wanted to use my bank’s (Danske Bank) online banking facilities to get an overview of all the transactions that had occurred while I was in England. But guess what! A few days before I went to England, Danske Bank decided to “improve” the security features of their online banking, and now it no longer works with my computers. Their online banking requires Java, and they specifically mention Sun’s Java. However, for me, the IcedTea JDK, which is shipped with Fedora 8 (The GNU/Linux distribution that I use) had been working really nicely until they made their little “improvement”, in fact it was working better (The fonts and Java GUI stuff, looked better!) than Sun’s non-free proprietary Java platform, but with this bullshit “improvement” of theirs, it does not work at all. And in addition to that, which in the first place pissed me off, they also check what version of Java you use and start bitching if you don’t use Sun’s Java. That really upset me, because I pay them for a service, and they fucking dare telling me what I can and cannot use!!! That’s just utterly retarded, and is intolerable. Yesterday I sent them an email, wherein I acknowledged that the Java I use is not a “official Sun Java”, but made the point that it was working fine before, in fact better than Sun’s Java, and that their “improvement” (Sarcasm!) was a huge regression for me. After that they changed their stuff a little, so that it’s possible to bypass that stupid-ass Java “check” of theirs, which was actually forcing everybody to use Sun’s Java to use the online banking. This is, in my opinion, vendor lock-in, in other words, Microsoft’s specialty, which I cannot tolerate being subjected to.
My argument is not that they should test their system with every implementation of Java in the world, but if something works well, but they make a change and break it for me, that is just bullshit! This is the kind of shit some retarded, moronic fool with an MSCE certificate would do! Luckily I am not using GNU/Linux on PowerPC as my primary platform, because if that had been the case, I would have been completely stuck, as Sun’s Java platform is not technically available for GNU/Linux on PowerPC, and GNU Classpath would have been rejected by Danske Bank’s Java “check”. I use a standard x86 PC, so in theory I could install Sun’s proprietary Java, but why should I have to? The license conditions are not acceptable to me, IcedTea is included and integrated, in and by my distribution, and for fuck’s sake it was working fine before the idiots at Danske Bank “improved” their system. Ugh! Frustrating!!!

I can see that I am not the only one who has had trouble with Danske Bank’s retarded “improvement”:

So hopefully these morons will fix their shit! They have a few more days, and then I’m switching to a better bank, because this is just intolerable and extremely absurd!

Danish Internet censorship reaches new hights!

UPDATE 1: I heard on the forum of Piratgruppen that Tele2 is gonna block access to The Pirate Bay by blocking the actual IP addresses, and not just DNS forgery. However the info below could be very useful, if the person that told me this is wrong, or if other ISPs resort to DNS forgery instead of IP censorship.

UPDATE 2: In the comments section of this post, I received the notion that you may need to flush the DNS cache of your operating system, after inserting the address configurations below into the hosts file.

On GNU/Linux this is done by restarting the nscd daemon, which you do by opening a terminal and typing: su -c “/etc/init.d/nscd restart”
You will be asked for your root password to continue.

On Windows you flush the DNS cache by going to Start, select Run, type in cmd and a commandprompt should appear. In the commandprompt type: ipconfig /flushdns
You should then receive something like this: “Successfully flushed the DNS Resolver Cache.”.

On Mac OS X you flush the DNS cache by opening the terminal, and running: lookupd -flushcache

It is the Internet service provider Tele2, that has been ordered to block customers from accessing the site The company says this case is different from

It is the Telenor-owned Internet service provider Tele2 who a court has ordered to block customers from accessing to the much debated Swedish Internet site

Nicholai Pfeiffer, chief of regulation for Tele2, confirms this.

“It is Tele2, who was ordered by court last week,” says Nicholai Pfeiffer to Computerworld.”

Source: Tele2-kunder får spærret adgang til PirateBay.

I cannot believe my eyes! This is simply revolting!!! Not only is this an attack on the freedom of the Internet, it’s an attack on freedom of information, freedom of culture, and yes even free speech (Because one could distribute George W. Bush’s torture manuals on The Pirate Bay).

I can’t come up with words that properly how I feel about this. But then again, “Action speak louder than words!”. So here’s some action for you!

If the censoring of The Pirate Bay is the same as the censoring of and, which is just a forgery of DNS records, then you can easily get around it by either using a different DNS server, using Tor, or by inserting this into your system’s hosts file:

# Allofmp3

# Mp3sparks

# The Pirate Bay

The location of the hosts file differs between the various operating systems out there, Wikipedia has a complete list:

Happy File Sharing! 😉

I’d like to kindly ask you to LEAVE THE INTERNET ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

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