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An apology for Chris and Bryan of The Linux Action Show

On last night’s episode of The Linux Link Tech Show I called Chris and Bryan from The Linux Action Show “assholes”. I realize this was improper, and would like to apologize for doing that.

TLLTS is done at 02:30 AM my time, so I am always a little tired while either listening, or for the past three weeks, hosting the show. I guess that caused me to be a little cranky. This is not an excuse, but a reason.

Again, sorry about my choice of words.

I asked Patrick, one of the usual TLLTS hosts, to post this message on The Linux Action Show forums, and I emailed it to Chris and Bryan personally.

Red Steel 2 officially confirmed! :D

“At an event in Cannes, Ubisoft has finally confirmed what we’ve known for a long time now. Red Steel 2 is indeed in the works for the Wii. It seems as though Ubisoft will be completely reworking the sword fighting this time around, which will hopefully result in a much more engaging system. While an online mode was rumored, nothing has been confirmed just yet.” Source: Go Nintendo.

When Red Steel originally came out, a lot of people were extremely negative about the game because of the lukewarm controls and the sword fighting system. I have always thought that Red Steel definitely could have used, a couple of more months on the workbench. Now having said that, it was definitely not as bad as a lot of reviews made it out to be. I’m glad I ignored most of the reviews and went ahead and bought the game, because boy have I had a lot of fun with it, seriously I still play it quite a lot these days, shit I played it earlier today!
So as you probably have guessed, Ubisoft’s announcement of Red Steel 2 is extremely good news today. Now that there’s no “Wii launch date” to meet, I really hope they really take their time and do the sword fighting just right, and polish the graphics just a bit, because there were some parts in Red Steel that were somewhat “boxy”.

Anyway, for Red Steel 2, I really really hope that it’ll be possible to have multiplayer sword fights over the internet, that would just be amazing!

Phew! Exams over!! HOLIDAY!!! :D

!!! FINALLY !!!
Exams are over for now, and it’s two months of summer holiday! No school for two months, should be nice. I wrote my last blog post, about 10 hours before I were to attend my Danish exam. It went quite well. You could say that my Danish exam this year has been componetized. It consists of three separate grades. First of all, you do a writing part, where you writing skills are tested (I did that one in the beginning of May), I received a grade of 9 on that one. What I did three days ago was the “unknown text”, where you draw a number, get a text that you’ve never seen before, then you have one hour to analyze it, and take notes. After the hour has passed, you need to give a summary of the text and talk about it for about 25 mins. In this part I received a grade of 10. Finally, before you attend any sort of Danish exam you are to do a so called “project”, which is to write either a report, a novel or something. I wrote one entitled Moderne Kommunikation, which translates to Modern Communication, which was about Internet related communication technologies such as email, IRC and instant messaging. I am extremely proud of the grade I got on this one, I received a grade of freaking 11!!
I was extremely pleased about that, but on the other hand, I did put a lot of work into it! 😛

Anyway, after completing the exam, I went and had some shish kebab for lunch, which I’m glad that I did, because after an intensive exam you do get hungry. After that I hurried home to prepare for the episode of The Linux Link Tech Show, that I were to do along with a guy from Mexico named Alexandro Colorado. Although I felt like trash through the entire broadcast/recording, because of sleep loss, I thought it went quite well. If you’re interested in listening to this episode, you can find it right here: tllts_197-06-20-07.ogg
Please notice that it’s extremely geeky, we discuss a bunch of news within the landscape of GNU/Linux and free software, good stuff for those who’re interested in that.

For the last two days, I’ve been sleeping a lot, try to regain the hours lost because of the exam and the radio show. Next week I’ll be doing a tutorial/HOWTO on FreeBSD’s jail feature, which is really cool, and I’m writing an article to go along with it, which of course will be available under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 license.

A zombie rises from the grave!

Remember me? Yeah, me, Troels Milinda Just.
Well, if you don’t, don’t sweat it, it’s understandable. After all, I haven’t blogged since November of 2006. I’m sure you’re wondering why. Well, I have had a huge amount of stuff to work out. Not so much school work, but more like emotionally and mentally. Don’t worry, it’s not like I am in need of a psychologist, it’s nothing like that, it’s more like issues of questions you ask yourself. These questions are quite hard to describe, I think one of them would be “Who am I?”, and even though that might be an easy one, for me, to answer, it’s still one that need to be answered. However, I have most of these “questions” sorted out by now, I think. In addition, I have also wanted to try to concentrate on school, and that has already shown quite good results! 🙂
I’m not very good at math, but I got a decent grade of 9, which I was really happy about. I received a score of 11 in something called “nature class”, which is a weird abstract combination of physics, chemistry, biology and geography. In English, which I consider myself quite good at, I received the best grade possible, which is 13! I was extremely pleased with that, and also somewhat gratified, because I have spent over a decade now, developing my English skills, I don’t consider them perfect by any means, but not exactly inferior either. 😉
I have an exam coming up in 10 hours is Danish. This one might be somewhat challenging. The reason is that Danish isn’t just about the actual language, but also about using the language. You not only have to show that you can read, write and talk Danish, but also actually use it to do various things that I won’t bother going into here. Since Danish is not one of my weak points, I am not too worried, but I am a little “concerned” I guess, that I have all the necessary information needed. I’m hoping that that concern will show to be unfounded, and the resulting grade will be good.
As you might have guessed, I’m almost through this year’s semester. In fact, the exam 10 hours is the last one. Once that sucker is nailed, it’s two months of summer holiday! Which I am looking forward to a lot!

Besides all the school and personal stuff, I think the reason I haven’t blogged is plain laziness. Let’s face it, human beings like being lazy! However, I think I’m almost back on track. I think a month or two ago, I forgot the exact date, I did publish an article that I wrote, about free software, free music and free knowledge. That started getting me back into the mood of blogging. I wrote this article as a school project back in October. As with my other writings, I have published this article under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 license. So you’re free to copy, modify and redistribute the article, as well making derivative works, as long as you give attribution, don’t use it for commercial purposes (If you’re a newspaper and wanting to include it in an upcoming issue, email me and we’ll talk about it 😉 ), and make your modifications, if any, available under the same license. Classic copyleft, which I like. Also, if you do use this article of mine for something, please feel free to tell me about it.

Before this blog post turns into too much of a novel, I would like to mention, that while the usual hosts are taking a four week break, I am doing The Linux Link Tech Show. So once I’m done with my Danish exam, I need to hurry home to make preparations for the show, which is streamed live, and later podcasted. I plan to do a tutorial on FreeBSD jails, and talk about how to avoide common proprietary software.

I expect that from now on, I will be blogging regularly, and since my summer holiday is only hours away (12 hours to be exact!), there should be a lot of geek stuff to blog about!

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