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Protest against internet censoring

As if might notice, I have again put a new banner at the top my blog, this time to participate in a new campaign against censoring of the internet by Amnesty International.

I have always believed freedoms, of many different kinds, but apparently some other people in this world do not. I think we who live in a free nation should try to make our voice be heard, because there are millions of people out there who could be enjoying the same freedoms that we do today, the freedom of speech, the press, the expression and many other things, are freedom that everybody must always have even if not everybody is gonna choose to exercise them, but the people who do, should be able to do so freely, without fear of being imprisoned, tortured or otherwise punished for exercising what I and many others believe to be the very core of human rights!

I believe it is the responsibility of every nation on this earth to ensure the freedom of their citizens, it may take time to get to a place in time where this will hopefully be reality, but it is certainly not impossible, especially with the rate of growth we see in countries such as China and South Korea.

I hope you would consider participating in this attempt to make sure the internet will be free for everybody to use, as it is something that can unite all of us, and it is such a valuable tool that must NOT be restricted.
If you want to participate like I do, you can go to and find more information.

Nintendo’s pre-E3 press conference

Just finished watching Nintendo’s pre-E3 press conference / media briefing or whatever you wanna call it, and all I have to say is: GREAT SHOW !!!

Unlike Sony’s conference yesterday, which seemed like a giant fortress of pure 1080p-show-off boredom, Nintendo’s conference was awesome, it was polished, well thought out, and had a lot of good stuff to show, that didn’t focus on how much money you could spend on an HDTV, but down to earth gameplay on the Nintendo Wii with the new controller featured as a gun, sword, baseball bat, tennis racket, bow and more.

Also, Nintendo ran a sweepstakes where one could win the chance to try out the Wii controller for the first time and that was also a part of the show, where Reggie, Satoru Iwata, Shigeru Miyamoto and the winner had a game of tennis on stage, and that was an awesome twist because you could really see that even the execs of Nintendo enjoy what they do.

Gamespot will have Nintendo’s E3 press conference up for download in a little bit, I strongly encourage you to go download it, it is a GREAT show.

Sony’s pre-E3 press conference

I was up late last night in order to be able to watch Sony’s pre-E3 press conference, live. They put on quite a flashy show with a lot of demos, connection options such as the ability to share game data between future PS3 games, and also the new PS3 controller, it looks virtually identical to the PS2 controller, but instead of having vibration built in, it features motion sensors, something which I think I’ve seen before, hmmmm, oh yeah it was Nintendo’s new controller!!!!! But as history tells us, Sony is known for being “inspired” by some of Nintendo’s stuff such as the rumble pak, but whatever, a Nintendo spokesperson commented on this earlier today: “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”.
I wonder why it is always Nintendo who has the balls to do something new for a change.

Sony also announced the launch date and pricing of the PS3, it will be available in Japan on the 11th of November and 17th of November in the US, it will be two configurations, one with a 20 GB hard drive and one with a 60 GB hard drive, which respectivly will cost, get ready here, $499 / $599 in the US and €499 / €599 here in Europe.

Now, at least for myself, that is a crapload of doe to suffer for a freaking game console!!!

Good luck getting the mainstream market to buy that thing for at least two years!!! That’s all I have to say.

Nintendo’s pre-E3 press conference is set to start in just two hours, as with Sony’s, you will be able to watch it live at

This week is E3 Week!

This week the Electronic Entertainment Expo of 2006 is going on in Los Angeles, this year both Sony and Nintendo will have some new stuff to show off regarding their new consoles, PlayStation 3 and Wii. Microsoft will of course also be at the show to show some new Xbox 360 stuff.

I’ve looking forward to E3 2006 like a 5 year old kid looks forward to christmas, because the thing that excites me the most is the surprises you often run into in technology and especially when all the analysts’ predictions are reversed.

So, what’s to look out for at E3 this year? Definitely Nintendo, they should have playable versions of some of the games for the Wii, so should Sony as well with games for the PlayStation 3.

All companies will have pre-E3 press conferences, if you go to you will be able to watch them live when they’re going on, big big props to GameSpot for making that publicly available! 😀

Personally, the thing I’m looking forward to the most is Nintendo’s announcements on the Wii, maybe a price point? Launch date? Games? All these things are something they might reveal, a few months ago, Shigeru Miyamoto said that there were still some secrets to the console that we didn’t know about, maybe we’ll get to know these secrets in just about 24 hours?

So much to see!

OpenBSD 3.9 Released

“OpenBSD 3.9 has been released today. This new version of OpenBSD has better buffer-overflow protection, and can ease the burden of systems monitoring through a new sensor interface framework.”

This one I’ve been looking forward! 😀

I’m getting to be a big fan of OpenBSD, because I like the way it embeds strong security so tightly into the system and yet is so simple. The first time I tried it, about a year ago now, the installer was a little bit daunting, but thanks to a great guide called OpenBSD 101, I quickly got comfortable with it, and got the system up and running, I redid the installation a few times just to really get to know it, and once I had done it three times in total, I found it so simple yet very elegant.

I have an old, piece-of-shit AMD K6 box sitting under my desk, which, when it ran Windows 98 SE, was dog slow and always causing problems on my network, so I yanked the Windows off of the harddrive and put OpenBSD on there and it ran like a bat outta hell, boots in like 16 seconds now, which is cool, and is a great web server with Apache.

I’ve been playing around with 3.9 for a little while now, and it seems very nice, I had some hickup issues with my networking card with 3.8, but 3.9 seems to have those issues solved, which is nice.

So props to the OpenBSD guys, great release guys, I’m gonna buy a CD when I get the cash for it! 😉

Those of you not familiar with Free Software may wonder “Why pay for free stuff?”, I can shock you even further by saying that I’d much much rather pay for Free Software (Some of you may know it as Open Source Software) than commercial proprietary software. Some of you may think I’m crazy, but step back and think about this for a moment. You are not forced to pay for Free Software, and you get the freedom to modify it to fit your own needs or make derivative works, which is wonderful, and at the same time show my appreciation and help the project stay around.

My point is, to me, the price of Free (Read: Free as in Freedom) Software is just a bonus. Call me crazy if you want to, and if you think I’m completely nuts, go try GNU/Linux, OpenBSD or FreeBSD out yourself and see what you think.

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