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Opera is going free!

“Opera Software has removed the banners and licensing fee of their Opera Web Browser, and it is now freeware.”

I’ve been playing with Opera in the past, and I liked it a lot, except for those stupid banner ads. Seriously, you leave Internet Explorer, or even Windows altogether, to get rid of adware (banners ads, toolsbars and all sorts of shit), and then you don’t wanna see a good browser, having banner ads built in!!!

Opera used to be a product you would pay for, but now they are making it available free of charge, though it’s still closed source, proprietary, software.
Then you may think “Where do they get revenue from???”, well Opera actually makes it’s browser for a bunch of cellphones and embedded devices, so they will make money by licensing it that way. I think this move will increase their userbase, because I people will now look at Opera with a lot more positivity. Again, you leave IE to get out of the world of adware and spyware, and no one wanna use a browser that actually has adware built in, I certainly won’t.

But all that stuff is for the past, now Opera is freeware and free of any sort of adware and banners… I’ve been playing with the latest version of a few days, and I must say, it’s a great browser!! I won’t hesitate recommending Opera to anyone looking for an alternative to Internet Explorer, another thing I just wanna add, Opera is highly crossplatform, and available of a great variety of operating systems: Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris, Mac OS X and Windows.

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Xbox lost Microsoft $4 billion over 4 years

“Microsoft is a company with deep pockets, but nevertheless, even we the rich and mighty INQ hacks had to suppress a shudder when it was revealed that the Xbox may have lost Microsoft upwards of $4 billion in four years.”

I know Micro$oft has big-time income each year, but come on, 4 billion dollars is a hell of a lot of money to loose over four years!! At one point Micro$oft was loosing 200 dollars per Xbox they sold!!!

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Labels hit back at Apple… They want shares of iPod sales!

“Apple and the major record labels have been cruising towards a confrontation over iTunes Music Store pricing for months now, and one label head, namely Warner Music Group CEO Edgar Bronfman is responding angrily to Stevie J’s comments last week about “greedy” record labels.”

OK, this one proves that the record companies are a bunch of money hungry motherfuckers! The greedy bastards want either higher prices on iTunes or a share of the money Apple earns by selling iPods!!!

I tell ya all, fuck iTunes, fuck Napster! Get LimeWire, eDonkey and BitTorrent and teach the record companies a leasson they’ll never forget!!!

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SLi coming to Linux!

“For almost a year now Windows gamers have been able to benefit from the advantages of Scalable Link Interface, or better known as SLI, while up until now alternative OS folks like us haven’t had any such luck utilizing this innovative technology.”

Phoronix has a very indepth article about NVIDIA’s upcoming 1.0-8XXX drivers, which will introduce SLi on Linux!

Link: NVIDIA 1.0-8XXX Series Preview

Windows Beat Unix, But It Won’t Beat Linux

“The amazing thing isn’t that Windows beat the pants off Unix; it’s that so many of the Unix companies survived until today.
Linux came into the field though with two big advantages over the Unixes. The first was that it was open-source. In the meritocracy of open-source development, the good code survives and the bad code dies.
The second advantage was it had Linus Torvalds.”

Steven Vaughan-Nichols has an interesting article up on eWEEK on why Microsoft won’t beat Linux, and why the did beat UNIX.

I think his points in this article is very very right, and very very very clear. It’s not always the guy with “the best” product that wins the contest, everyone in this industry should always keep that one in mind.

Link: Windows Beat Unix, But It Won’t Beat Linux

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