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Gaim 1.4.0 Released

“Mostly bug fixes again”

If you, like me, use Gaim, you may want to consider this update.

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IBM unveils dual-core PowerPC chips

“Presenting at the Power Everywhere Forum 2005 in Japan, IBM today formally introduced a dual-core version of its PowerPC 970 (G5) processor, which could find its way into Apple Power Macs in the coming months.”

I guess IBM was a little late on this one, Apple is leaving the PowerPC architecture in favour of the Intel x86 architecture.

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Microsoft developing for Nintendo DS

“Job listings for internal studio Rare confirm the software giant is making games for its archrival’s latest handheld.”

This is kind of wack. Man, I really hope Micro$uck doesn’t screw up, Nintendo don’t need crab software on the DS, and Micro$uck is experts when it comes to crab software.

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Europe Parliament Nixes Software Patent Law

“The European Parliament on Wednesday rejected a proposed law to create a single way of patenting software across the
European Union, a blow to big tech companies who had pushed hard for its adoption.”

This is so awesome, the software patent directive has been squashed like a bug!

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Developers have seen Revolution controller

“And Revolution is definitely set to be much cheaper than Xbox 360 and PS3”

Oh boy! I can’t wait to see what Nintendo has got up their sleeve. I’m so jealous on those developers who’ve seen the Revolution controller! 😀

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